Sunny Memories of Melbourne

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A few weeks ago my grandmother and my aunt flew off to Melbourne for a week long holiday. Also flying out with them was my cousin who would be doing his matriculation studies there at one of the university.

Turning back the clock to more then a decade ago I can still remember the fond memories I had when I was studying at Melbourne University. Going to school by tram and train. It was certainly an experience which I couldn’t have if I was doing my degree here in Singapore.

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I really enjoyed myself studying in the Old Arts halls of Melbourne Uni and seeing pictures of it brings back fond memories of sitting outside on the lawns and having lunches with friends.

Living and studying abroad widen my exposure and knowledge about different cultures and lifestyles. I also got the opportunity to bond with people of different backgrounds and nationalities.

It was the place where I met and fell in love with my hubby.We hope to bring the boys there when they are much older so they can enjoy the rich and diverse culture of Melbourne.

Where will  you be going this holidays?

Educating Junior

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Education has always been a key point of worry and concern for most parents. From the day your child is born you start to plan which childcare/kindergarten you would like to send him to, which primary school should you aim to send him to.

If  you are aiming for a prestigious school like Eton House or ACS/Singapore Chinese Girl’s school be prepared to join the alumni, become a parent volunteer or even move to within 1km of the desired school in bid to increase the chance of your child entering the school.

Parents in  Singapore, like the rest of the world, place a heavy emphasis on getting their child in good school. I myself do hope that my child enters a reputable school so that he would be able to get a top notch education and will not “lose out” in this education race.

There are a few established  schools in my neighbourhood and I do hope that my boys get into one of them. To increase the chance of him getting to my preferred choice of schools I have used my ” special pass” when I returned to work last month.

I have just updated this book which I wrote last year and strongly recommend that you get a copy as it lists down in detail all the factors that you will need to consider before you register your child for Primary One.

You can purchase this book here

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