Dealing with holiday stress

It has been 3 days since we returned from our trip to HK and I am still feeling a bit zonked out.

I’m not suffering from timelag due to change in timezone and not really jetlag but really of being overwhelmed that Nov is nearly over and that that is still so many things to be done to get ready for Christmas.

While being on holiday I was stressed out by the boys eating habits, all the walking and carrying that had to be done. Every single day was exhausting for me. Now that we are back home I have to read just Roy back to sitting in his carseat and get the boys back to their normal routine.

To cope with the stress on being on holiday these are some tips that I apply

  1. Set aside a quiet time each day ( normally before the kids are awake) to do some reading. For me it is normally browsing through my google reader feeds.
  2. Getting meals/snacks as and when throughout the day as it is impossible to sit down and have a full meal out with the boys.
  3. playing at the playground with the boys.
  4. drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and prevent myself from falling ill