Waking Up in Heaven

Book Cover

Book Cover

Waking Up in Heaven: A True Story of Brokenness, Heaven, and Life Again by Crystal McVea and Alex Tresniowski is a really heart warming testimonial about how it was in Heaven as she had experienced being dead and coming back to live.

Many times we really wonder how it is for us after we die.Is there really a place called Heaven? Does GOD really exist?

In this book Crystal shares with the readers her personal experience of dying and coming back to live in 2009. She also shares her painful childhood memories of having suffered through sexual abuse, witnessing her mother go through physical and emotional abuse by her step father, teenage pregnancy, abortion and a whole slew of bad decisions.

Throughout her life prior to her encounter with GOD she has been questioning about the presence of GOD and why he hasn’t been there for her (that is what she though). Being “reborn” she found out her true calling in life to be GOD’s vessel. She was to be his spokesperson about GOD’s love and use her personal life story and experiences as her testimonial.

Through her sharing and walk closer with GOD after death, she has managed to touch many other people and  they were “healed” after being able to open up  and share their own stories of hurt which they had experienced.

My thoughts

I found this book very touching and captivating. Crystal really went through “hell and back” during her growing up years and only through GOD was she able to find her peace and motivation in life.  GOD works in mysterious ways and sometimes we are unable to understand why he sets us such difficult challenges in our lives and wish to throw in the towel.

I personally have had questions about GOD and his existence and had wondered too if GOD was really there for me at times. Reading about Crystal’s journey with GOD has really helped strengthen my personal conviction in Christ being our savior.

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