I’m Three Years Old Now!!

Yesterday we celebrated Roy’s 3rd Birthday. He had lots of fun over in Cebu. It was a great experience for the kids to visit a 3rd world country and see how lucky they are to be living here in Singapore.

Here are some highlights of our trips.

Posing at the Breakfast Table
Local Fruits Avalilable for Breakfast
Horse and Carriage ride at Plantation Bay
View from the Pool
Courtyard Outside our Hotel Room
One of the Water Slides

How has your holiday been so far?

Saving money this Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and we will be going on holidays.  This time we will be heading over to Cebu, Phillipines for a change.

Here are two tips that I have for travelling on a budget. on  a budget.

  1. Book your Ticket online.We are travelling budget as it is a relatively short 3 hour flight. I scrolled through each day to select the best prices for both flight both ways as there were different prices for flying on different days. Flying  midweek or early in the morning are relatively cheaper then weekend and late morning flights.By booking our tickets online we managed to get the best prices and did not have to pay fees to a travel agency.
  2. Plan in AdvanceWe started planning the itenary for our holiday about 1 month ago. I source around for the different places of interest and the best hotel deals so that we were able to get the best value for our budget.

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