Devious Little Mookie

“Mummy!!” wails Roy as he prostrates himself face flat onto the floor. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘Oh dear!! Did he fall or hurt himself?”

I lifted him off the floor and and checked for any bruises or cuts but found none. Roy was sobbing as he pointed to something on the dining table.

Upon investigation, I realised that Roy was trying to reach for the packet of biscuit which was on the table.

I picked up the biscuit that he was aiming for and passed it over to him. He smiled gleefully while motioning to me to tear open the packet for him. When the packet was open he happily stuck his pudgy fingers into it and fished out a biscuit before stuffing it in his mouth.

Being frustrated at his failed attempt in getting the biscuits himself. He dished out his fail-proof act-which was guaranteed for an appropriate response. Really devious this little fellow is.

Kids are very smart these days. 🙂

What’s your name? Today

Question, ” What is your name ?”

This is the 2nd most common question that my boys are asked? When the elder boy was younger I would answer the question on his behalf.

Ever since he could answer the question himself he would beem and answer, ” RYAN!”. Sometimes to clarify his answer to strangers who may mispronounce his name he will add on , ” R-Y-A-N…Ryan!!”

This year, being older and wiser, he will give a fictious name to strangers who ask him the question. His common answers are , Thomas, Gordan & Henry [ All after the Thomas and Train friends names]

If the person who asked the question looks friendly I would add in, ” His BIRTH name is Ryan but for today he is GORDAN” with a smile. 🙂