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[Guest Post] How you can blog easily from your iPad

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For some people, holding an iPad while walking on the street is probably only a symbol of existence. For children whose parents are fortunate enough to afford one of these Apple’s babies, iPad could be just a fancy toy to play around. But for me iPad is a validation of my status as full time blogger. Somehow I was hoping with the little gadget I could blog wherever I went without having had to carry the laptop. But blogging from iPad turned out pretty annoying.

I gave up for the first few months thinking that my iPad could only function as my grocery list note, digital organizer and browsing. As a matter of fact I, once, thought of giving it up for a sowing machine! Can you believe that? Well I am glad I didn’t do it. Because I finally found the secret. So here are the 5 must have FREE apps to make blogging from iPad more fun and easier.

1. Line Camera

This is a great photo editor that I just found from a friend’s recommendation. The screen is similar to Instagram but it has better features. There are many things to do with your photo using this app. Line Camera has effect editor to make your photo brighter, darker, in vintage look or in various other styles. It also has collection of frames and patterns you can add into your photo. It has a great inventory of stamps to decorate your photo, wide selection of fonts to add words and once you finished you also get to share it with your social network like Facebook or Twitter.

2. Pic n Pic

Pic n Pic is another photo editor with strength in collages. There are various types of collage you can choose from with selection of frames. I like to combine the use of this app with Line Camera.

3. Instagram

These days Instagram is not only a photo editor but also a social network on its own. People follow each other and it provides button to be placed in your blog just like Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Although it doesn’t have elaborate features like Line Camera, I think Instagram is a must have app for it’s nature as social network.

4. Photobucket

Some themes like mine can’t open your normal post editor pad in iPad and instead open the Html one. Hence you need to have a bit of knowledge in coding to be able to arrange your paragraphs. But this one is manageable. How about pictures? Even if your theme’s post editor opens in normal pad you will still have trouble to insert pictures. This is where Photobucket app comes in handy. You can upload photos from your gallery to your Photobucket album and obtain it’s code to embed it in your post.

5. Social Network

Because blogging is all about networking you must have social network apps ready for you in your iPad. In mine I have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+ and LinkedIn. You can add more depending on your own social network. My suggestion is to only install social network apps that you use more often. With these apps readily set up, sharing your blog post is as easy as flipping hand.


Finger crossed once you get your hands on these apps, blogging from iPad can be addictive. Check out my post here, which I did from my iPad and have the above apps integrated in it. Looks like fun isn’t it?



Biography: My name is Rina, a mom of two notorious yet adorable little boys who jump around and run around all the time. A former hotelier who quits the corporate ladder to join the stay at home mom troops and embraces full time blogging. I blog at and I still have my sanity.


Guest Post: My Thoughts about being a SAHM

Being a stay-at-home mum (SAHM) these days is no longer as ‘easy’ as it used to be. In the past, as long as your children are dressed and fed (never mind if it’s not a balanced diet), you are a good mother. Throw in a spick and span house, you are possibly the best wife and mom in the world.


Now, being a stay-home mom encompasses much more than that. Besides making sure that all physical needs are met and everyone in the family has a decently tidy place to live in, you have to ensure that you stimulate the kids’ intellectual growth and hone their creative spirits.


Having been a sahm for more than four years, I have learnt to take people’s misconceptions of SAHM-hood in stride. Most people I have spoken to think that sahms are the free-est people in the world.


Sure, we have time for Korean show marathons and we play mahjong in the lazy afternoons while food for the family appears miraculously at mealtimes, the house picks itself up with a wiggle of the nose and the kids are the brightest sparks and most well-behaved lot because they were born that way. Perhaps this is true in the alternate universe.


Just recently, I had the misfortune of reading a very sad misconception of sahms. The person who is a full-time working mom (with tons of help) wrote that it is so difficult to balance work and family, “no wonder more and more people are taking the easy way out to stay at home.”


It is undoubtedly true that to strike a balance between work and family is difficult. That is the main problem we face with the increasing need to have dual-income families. I have never doubted that working moms face a different set of issues and that it’s tough being one too. But to speak of home-makers in that manner is rude and ignorant.


Anyone who has come close to being a stay-home mom/dad would find some of these parenting hazards familiar:


1) a sahm hardly gets a moment of peace when the children are up and about. There is no such thing as a quiet toilet break by the way. Privacy – what’s that?


2) Mealtimes may be interrupted at any point and possibly punctuated with soiled diapers which require your immediate attention. ‘Eating halfway’ is not an excuse not to clean that cute bum.


3) Dolling yourself up is futile because you will most probably find a sticker or two stuck behind your blouse or your calf (and you’ll only realise this when you get funny looks from people). Don’t start on lip gloss because you know it’d end up smeared over your face (plus you need to kiss that cutie pie, don’t you?) And you can dump those chic loopy earrings unless you are ready to have them tugged off by the most innocent little hands.


4) Me-time spent on yourself is hard to come by. My me-time is usually spent devising ways for the kids to learn through play, planning and preparing for ‘lessons’ and making sure that my older kid has opportunities to dabble with different types of art and craft and i teach her piano too. Lucky for me, lesson prep coincides with my interest.


5) Your repertoire of songs now consists of nursery rhymes. You get to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star all day long till you’ll even find yourself humming the tune subconsciously. You might even pick up some Mandarin nursery rhymes you didn’t even know as a child! *gasp*


6) You get stuck in a routine, which could become very monotonous. A friend of mine often bemoans how she is exhausted, stuck in sahm boredom and suffers from brain-death (side track: I’m glad blogging keeps me sane!) Of course, you could have some surprises in your life – I’m sure strawberry milk under the heavy bookshelf definitely counts as one!


Oh and the list goes on.


All i want to say is, it ain’t easy being a stay-home mom, having to put aside all that once mattered to me but despite that, I chose to be one because I want to spend these precious growing years with my kids and I’m glad I have the opportunity to do so.


Certainly, SAHMs deserve a lot more respect. I believe it’s a matter of what works best for our families that determines our choices, and just in case you haven’t realised by the end of this post, being a SAHM is definitely not ‘the easy way out.’


And here’s what makes everything so worthwhile:


the kids

Angie blogs at Simply Mommie and is mom to two wonderful children who love to test her patience on a daily basis. She loves cooking and doing home learning activities with her children and is always wishing that she has more time on her hands.