Blogathon 2015- Are you in ? * Updated *

Biannual Blogathon BashThe blogathon is here again. I’ve joined it last year  and the year before  so I’m following through and joining it again this year.

This year I do not  have as much time to work on the Blogathon as I’m having a rather busy workload solo parenting.  I won’t be joining any mini challenges but may work on some of the mini challenges on my own if I get time after the Blogathon is over.

Here is a list of things that I wish to get done this weekend.

  1. Update my TRAVEL page
  2. Update my Media Kit
  3. Do the sketch work for a new series which I will launch on the blog.
  4. Create a newsletter to send out next week for those on my mailing list.


To be done after the Blogathon as I’m sure I won’t be able to complete it this weekend.

1. Update my twitter page.

2. Change the header and FB header for my 2nd blog- Rachel Dominique. 


* Updates*

It’s the tail end of the Blogathon and this is what I have managed to do so far.

– Updated my travel page ( yeah!!)

– Made a new media kit

Media Kit 2015(a)

– Did a draft for my new series . If you are  wondering what I will be writing on it will be entitled – Bridging the GAP as I tackle the problems that I face when the kids transit between N2- K1, P2-P3 and P4-P5 based on my personal experience with my 3 kids who are all currently in the “GAP”.


What will you be doing this Blogathon?


9 thoughts on “Blogathon 2015- Are you in ? * Updated *”

  1. Wow, I was amazed with the projects that you wish to do in this blogathon. Seemed like it will involve a lot of time and efforts. Surely, this will be a challenging one for you.

  2. Now I have to research what a media kit is. I do not have that! I do not know if I can join the blogathon. I have tasks this week that needs more attention. Hope you will be able to achieve what you set to achieve.

    1. @Kat,
      A media kit is a kit that you put together which states your blog stats/ social media stats. They are sometimes requested by advertisers/ publishers which wish to work with bloggers on paying campaigns.

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