[Guest Post] Questions all Parents should Ask


While most parents are in agreement that education is the key to a  successful career, most parents struggle making it happen. How can you  as a parent give your child the gift of education in a way that your can ?
Firstly, figure out if there is any topic of interest to your child, as  children will spend time on what interests them.

Ask yourself some important questions:accept it?
What school subject interests my child?
Has any teacher mentioned that my child has excelled, or any contest  that my child has won?
Has he been interested in any particular subject of conversation?
Is he better with his hands than with his listening skills? (kinesthetics  are easier than auditory)

Piece together some clues, and put your energy into a subject that  interests your child. This is the road to success, as you’ll be working  with your child’s strengths, not going against his grain.

Now for the practical piece:
Does anatomy take a front seat in his life, is he enamored by doctors?  Try stocking up on games that tech biology.
Is space fascinating? Try hanging solar systems in room, buying a telescope…
Does he have a green thumb? There’s planting, microscopes, rocks…

When learning comes along with fun, children don’t even notice that they are learning, because it is exiting and new.

Sharon Green, the founder of Educate With Toys comes with decades of experience in education. She has been teaching high school for the past twenty years, she is a mother of six, and she is a parent educator; educating parents in the skills necessary in raising healthy and responsible children. Sharon’s goal in founding Educate With Toys is to help you help your children succeed in school and achieve to the best of their ability.