Japanese Food and Riverside View

Doggie boyDoggie boy posing for the camera with his kids meal

The boys love eating Japanese food. I remember one of their first taste of Japanese food was chawamushi which was introduced to them when they were nearly 1 year old. From then onwards there has been a liking for udon, cha soba , tempura and sushi. They would request that we have lunch at a Japanese restaurant at least once a month.

pancake  (Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き, Japanese Pancake)

R and I are more into the other Japanese food like Okonomiyaki and terriyaki and normally will order a variety of dishes when we are at the restaurant. This way everyone can have their fill of their favourite Japanese food.

Window View

However on that day we had more then just great tasting  Japanese food as we were able to enjoy the spectacular view of  row of colourful shop houses across the river.

Do you kids love Japanese food too?

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