SOC: Food and People


This week has been a lot on food for me. On Monday Tiger girl and I went to the Halia for food tasting. It was the first time I brought her to a fine dining restaurant for dinner and I didn’t know if she could sit through the whole 4 course meal with strangers.  She was relatively well behaved that night and I managed to stay through the whole dinner without her leaving the table once. She did hop a few times from her high chair to my seat and back. Tiger girl occupied herself playing with her food and my phone after eating enough spaghetti.  I really enjoyed myself at that dinner.

During the weekend I went for my last baking bread class. The class lasted the whole day from 8.30am in the morning to 4pm. Most of the time we were waiting for the bread to be proofed and ready for baking. Baking bread is really very tiring.  I easily waited for 10 hrs that day before my tomato rosemary,  black paper bread was ready to be baked. We couldn’t bake it in the class and I had to take it home to bake. The sourdough bread and raisin bread which I made was able to be baked in class at they took shorter time to be ready.

I feel that I a more cake person then a bread person and it really takes a shorter time doing cakes as compared to bread. The kids and R too prefer the cakes to the bread. Next up would be back to baking cakes this week. I’m having my eye on making a double layer  normal cheese  cake and chocolate cheese cake for the kids to eat.

How was your week?