Save Space with a Sofasofa Bed

sofa bed
Do you have guest staying overnight regularly but do not have a guest room in your apartment?

Sofasofa may have  what you are looking for.

Having a pull out sofa bed saves space and solves your problem of accommodating your overnight guest. You just need pull out the bed when needed and it folds away and stores neatly when not in used.

When we first moved into this apartment we bought a sofa bed. We found that it was a good investment as we need not spend extra for guest beds or mattress.  During the day the sofa was comfortable enough to sit on while watching television and entertaining in the living room. At night after it has been turned into a bed it was still comfortable to sleep in.

Our guest who  slept in the sofa bed woke up refreshed on the next day and did not complain about aching backs or stiff necks  as the mattress was sturdy enough to support their body weight. The best thing was that they didn’t even know that the sofa that they were seating on could be turned into a bed as it didn’t look anything like a traditional sofa bed.

I love the ideas of having slip covers on the sofa bed and that they were washable. Many a times it had been hard to maintain and clean a sofa as the fabric use cannot be removed and sent to the laundry to wash.

Do consider getting a sofabed if you are tight on space like we are and have guest popping over regularly.


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