Blogging Positivity Week- Overcoming Inadequacies


Does the supermom syndrome get to you at times? You want to do so much but am physically and mentally constrained by your current environment? I sometimes do feel this way.

The plan is written out nicely but does not get the end result desired. There maybe a glitch in the execution and maybe it’s just because I’m not experienced enough or haven’t had the right opportunities to be able to reach my blogging goals as yet.

It is so easy to get swayed from your goals when the path starts to get rocky and more obstacles get thrown your way then you expect.  You start looking at other people and may get a twinge of envy running through you as you see them as more successful/capable then you are.

Everyone has their abilities and limitations and I too am aware of mine. Over the years I come to learn and realized that it’s no point comparing  myself to the bigger more successful bloggers even though I still am trying to be able to generate much more revenue from this blog . I’m still hoping that I  be able to afford my DSLR camera  by the end of this year and am striving with my limited means to work towards this goal.

Sometime I feel like I’m my own toughest critic as I may have set the standard too high for myself and just setting myself up for failure.

I want to be a successful blogger and generate a steady income from blogging/freelance writing but it really seems so hard to squeeze out the time from my already jam packed schedule.

I would like to have more clients/projects but at the same time wonder if I will be able to meet all the deadlines set and still settle all my family commitments on a daily basis.  I don’t want to compromise the needs of my family just for the sake of work and earning an income.

For a fleeting moment I have pondered on whether I have made the right decisions on how I want to take this blog. Luckily these moments are few and infrequent.

I know for a fact that it is no point wondering and worrying about things which are beyond your control and that it would be better to leave it to GOD and just try to do my best. Everything will work out in it’s own way. It has been the case for me in my family life and at present my main focus is on family.

Even when family members doubted how I would be able to cope  solo with the household and 3 kids as R flies off very frequently  I strongly believe that it was possible and was sure that I will be able to cope anyway.  I believed that I would be able to find a way to manage somehow and have been able to do it quite well so far.

It isn’t easy being the main caregiver to 3 hyper active kids, cook, clean , teach, chauffeur them around and still have time to indulge in blogging , freelance  writing and website building project, baking, photography  and maintaining relationships with friends and relatives.  The house is not sparkling clean and not everything is in perfect order but it’s good enough for me and my family.

I’m confident with this blog it will work out too and I’ll be able to meet my blogging goals.