Writer’s Workshop: Now If Only I Could

There are many things which I wish I could do. However given the limited time, energy and funds that I have  it could only be a dream that I’m working hard towards achieving.

If only I could get around the walls of internet marketing, be able to build up a good and sturdy network and be able to successfully grow this blog and gain some passive income.

Have  a DSLR camera and  have the time to take up courses in photography so I can be able to take better pictures of the kids and my surroundings.

Have the time and funds to visit more places with my kids and even have one on one bonding trips with them throughout the year.

Have the time to sit down and enjoy the flowers instead of being so hurried and busy with the things to do each day.  It would be good too if I could have green fingers so that I can be able to cultivate such lovely blooms.

What do you wish you could do?

How would you go about to achieve it?


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50 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Now If Only I Could”

  1. O how I love your pictures, they are wonderful. Your wish/idea for one on one bonding trips with your children is such a good one. I will keep this in mind for my own son.

  2. I’m in the same position as Gattina – being retired finally affords the time to do all those things you meant to.
    I remember only too well when our girls were little, there wasn’t much left in a day for me-time.

  3. Hi Dominique ~~ Your pictures are nice. The you and your daughter (??) picture is great with the water and hills in the background. The guy in the brick wall find is really funny. 🙂 Several of my blogging friends sell their pictures but I have no idea of how much money or profit if any comes in.
    1. I have done everything that I need to do.
    2. My biggest problem now is having enough money to last our retirement which is a small fixed income (it doesn’t go up with inflation). And interest rates are terrible now for people who live off their savings.

    1. @Jim,
      Interest rates here also suck.. 0.5% so techinically you are losing money by keeping it in the bank as inflation is like 2-5% a yr. Yes..that’s a picture of me and my daughter when we were in Taiwan on holidays earlier this month.

  4. I don’t know if there is much that I wish I could do. I am really enjoying my life as it stands and am thankful to be good at blogging to a point where my kids are able to experience more than I was when I was growing up. Hugs, love the pictures!

    1. @Brandy,
      great to know that you are enjoying your current lifestyle. It’s great that your children are able to experience more that you did.

  5. Hi, did some blog hopping and chanced upon your blog 🙂
    I’m also a fellow Singaporean blogger who’s a mom. For myself, it’s to just do my best, be it being a good mother to my daughter or in trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and to change the things I can.

    1. @Susan
      Thanks for dropping by. I too am trying to lead are healthier lifestyle and losing all the excess baby weight from #3- another 6kg to ideal!!.

  6. Those are amazing pictures. I especially love the white flower. I wish to learn more about taking pictures and to enjoy every day and not just look to the future while wishing away today.

  7. Hi there, well, I wish I could do all of the things you’ve listed too. But beyond that, I just want to be retired with an awesome job. That means, do it when I feel like it and not feel like I have to. The blogging business definitely isn’t like that, you have to keep up and you have to keep doing it. When you let lose, your numbers go down. Advertisers will not want you. The trick is to have someone to do the background work for you, but that means you would have to go out there and grow your business to pay for their help. So, having a business is non-stop, unless you just don’t really care and happy at a certain mark. But again, I don’t know any business that works that way either.

    1. @Selfsagacity,
      Yeah…blogging is hard work..all businesses are I guess for me I’m aiming to try to bring in enough or some extras.

  8. I love the first photo and the one of you with your daughter. I couldn’t live without my DSLR (well, actually I could but as a photographer I’d be frustrated) but as I wrote about in this week’s post, I can do a lot without it. As for classes, there are so many things on-line now that I bet you could find some good instructional info if you want to improve your photos skills. You have a great eye and that’s more than half of what you need. Even the greatest camera in the world is not much good in the hands of someone who has no eye.

    1. @anita,
      thanks for your compliments. I’m using a semi-pro sony cybershot.. am drooling over the prospects on how I could improve on my photography with a DSLR. Yes there are online classes but don’t think I’ll be able to attend them with the 3 kids around.

  9. Great post. That was what I liked most when we went on a tent holiday – relaxing, less rules for kids, more quality time together, Lovely photos. Do you know how are you are going to achieve it?

    1. @Pinkoddy,
      I’m working on increasing blog revenue through various means- advertising, affliates, sponsored post. For holidays with the kids one on one can be difficult at this stage as the grannies will not be able to deal with the baby as she is still nursing. So it will be holidays with her or all 3 kids. DSLR camera.. save up from the blog earnings.

  10. I wish I could afford to retire. I would love to be a successful writer. I write but if I could earn enough to support myself that would be so awesome and if I could earn enough to have time left over to spend with my friends and family I would be in heaven! lol

  11. I wish you all the best. Your photographs are lovely, so I think you’re on your way. There are a lot of places on the internet where you can make money selling photos, or join online sites like Entrecard and Project Wonderful. Might try them out! {:-Deb

  12. Beautiful photos Dominique! We traveled to mainland China twice when we adopted our daughters, and I recall how beautiful it is there. The people were so gracious, generous, gentle, and kind. I pray that we will have the opportunity to return one day when our daughters are older so they can see the glory of their birth country. They are now 9 and 11 years old, so hopefully sometime in the next five or six years we can find the resources to make that trip a reality.

    I am in a similar situation, although my children are older . . . . if I spend my time promoting and marketing my creative work (I have an Etsy shop), then I don’t have time to create. An now matter how beautiful my creations might be, if no one ever knows about them, I won’t sell anything. I am also a writer, and we have an online Christian women’s magazine, Ruby for Women – so I am constantly struggling with balancing my time to do the writing and editorial work that makes the magazine beautiful and interesting, with time promoting and marketing my work. It is a constant balancing act!

    The only thing that I have found that helps me is to use the little timer buzzer on my kitchen stove ;o) When I have a hundred things that all need to be done NOW, and can’t figure out where to start, I set the timer for 30 minutes (which I know is difficult with small children around!) and just GO! That way I don’t feel that I am having to “choose” which activity to invest my time and energy into, I just pick one thing and do it for 30 minutes. When the timers beeps, I do something else for 30 minutes, and so on. I seem to feel much more productive when I’ve spent at least some time on each aspect of my life. I use this technique for things such as house work and exercise, too!

    Of course, it doesn’t always work that way, but when it does, I get a great deal of work accomplished on both of my tasks for building my online business. I even do that for visiting other blogs ;o) that way I am reminded not to sit here all day and wander around the blogosphere, which is great fun, but then I lose my way. Hope that helps, even a little bit! Please stop by and visit me at http://www.mamaslittletreasures.com Hope to see you soon! nina @ mamas*little*treasures

    PS following from voiceBoks so I”ll +1 this post, too!

  13. I love the beautiful photos you share.

    1. I wish I could get a job now.
    2. I am starting to study so I can go back to college and get the degree I want for the job I want.

    Happy weekend!

  14. Ah, If I had the time and funds…. what would I do.

    I would spend my time creatively and travel with my children to show them the world. However, I have limited time and very little money. However, creativity is free and only needs a walk across the fields to wake it up while the children run wild and get covered in mud.

  15. I think your photos are terrific already. I hope you do find time to enjoy the followers and take trips with your loved ones too.
    My personal goal-lose some weight ( I started a new diet)
    my business goal-have my online shops discovered ( I’ve been advertising)
    My home gal-take time to relax ( I’m working on that)

    xo P.S. thank you for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky party

  16. Ok, how did you get in my head? I have, for years, wanted to do many of the things you have listed. Recently, the one about the blog has been prominent with me. I struggle with the over abundance of “how to grow your blog” tips and articles out there and end up totally confused about where to start, where to try to go or how to get there.

    I would like to learn more about photography as well, partially because practically ever picture I try to end up blurry or focused wrong. It’s certainly on my “to-do when I have some actual free time” list, but when that will be is left to be seen.

    Travel has been high on my list for so long, sometimes it feels like a dream that I may never actually make come true. But upon thinking about it, if I include the travel I’ve had to take for work the past couple of years, I’m actually on the up and up with it since the trips for work these two years total more than the number of trips I took in my first 20 years haha.

    Thank you for linking up with Thirsty for Comments Thursday! Looking forward to seeing you again next week!

  17. I love that first photograph of the boy trying to get around the wall… That is so Neat!

    There are so many things I wish I could do but for Now I am sticking with my wish to lay around the house for an entire day doing absolutely Nothing…

    How does that sound?

    Great post for the letter “N”!

    Thank you for linking,.


  18. Oh I loved this post – the photos are amazing. Love the boy peeking around the wall, but LOVED that one of you and your daughter by the water – both of you are stunning. (-;
    Dominique thank you so much for linking up with our Blog Bash and helping us celebrate in a big way!

  19. {Melinda} How inspiring! If I could, I would do nothing but write and minister to moms all day. I would make my living this way, without always trying to find supplemental income to pay the bills. I would rest in the knowledge that God has a plan for my life and future, instead of always feeling like I have to manipulate things myself.

    I would rest more, take better care of myself and slow down — maybe when the kids are grown! 🙂

    Happy SITS Day!

  20. I love your photographs, and I completely understand where you are coming from. I share your wish to have enough money to travel around the world with my children and teach them about different cultures! For now, a trip or two each year will have to do. 🙂

  21. Dominique, happy sits days! So happy to read up on your lovely blog! This is a beautiful post. You have a beautiful family as well.
    I think I would love to be able to travel with my family. Saving up or putting a certain percentage aside every week into a traveling stash would probably be te best way for us to achieve this:)
    Happy to *meet* you and your blog!

  22. I think the fact that you’ve identified your goals and written them down in a public forum is a HUGE step in the right direction…you’re halfway there already! A dream of mine is to be able to quit my “day job” and support myself through writing…ahh, maybe someday:-) Best of luck!

  23. Your photographs are already great. A few classes and you would be a master. Traveling is something I haven’t done as much as I would like to. My favorite thing to do is to go to museums. For my birthday this year, I will be going to four. Thank you for your great website. Enjoy your SITS day.

    1. @Teresa,
      I’ve got 2 out of the goals listed as since I last wrote this post I have already gotten my DSLR camera and have secured some writing campaigns through the blog.

  24. My dreams are fairly simple. Health and happiness. Reminding myself that it isn’t a location that makes me happy so much as the position of my heart. Make Sense?

  25. I want the same with a DSLR camera with classes, I would like to take a creative writing class and spend a little more time making jewelry. Visiting from SITS, Happy SITS Day!

  26. I love staying home with my boys, but there really isn’t any “extra” money since I don’t bring in a second income. I always think about the things we could do more if I worked (travel, go out to eat more, buy more clothes for the kids…). It’s definitely a sacrifice, but one I am happy I made! Congrats on being featured on SITS!!!

  27. Stopping by from SITS today. I love the photos you have here. It can be hard to fit in everything you want to do. It does go really fast. My kids are 19 and 15 now and I can’t beleive all the things I didn’t get to do! When I hear my kids talk to each other though, they remember totally random, silly things that weren’t a big deal at the time. Being together is what they’ll remember most.

  28. You’re definitely not alone in wishing for the ability to do MORE. I, too, am trying to better my skills with my DSLR camera AND trying to find ways at making some $ via my blog. We do what we can in the time we have. I guess it comes down to prioritizing and putting in the effort to get better. Good luck 🙂

    1. @ilene,
      5 months since writing this post it has come true for me as I’m not making passive income from the blog and have my DSLR.. now to work on more holidays and looking for a suitable photography course.

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