Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. All the best for this festive season.  As the year comes to the end I am glad for all the presents and gifts that the kids and I have been showered with all through the year. I do believe that gift giving doesn’t need to be confined just to Christmas and that the spirit of Christmas should be emphasised on more then the gift exchange rituals

The christmas bakes have all been done and are being packed away. I do know that the recipients would certainly enjoy sinking their teeth into the butterscotch flavoured cakes which I baked this year as they have specifically requested for them.

This year we are keeping things on a small scale and had a small party at home for the kids.  We will be having Japanese food at tonight’s Christmas eve’s dinner as the kids are really into Japanese food and I don’t want to pile on extra kilos after being able to finally lose another kilo this month. I’m creeping towards my ideal weight goal and am much nearer now then I started off in January this year.  I have 7 kgs more to 55kg and am very hopefully that I’ll be able to reach my target in 2012.


The kids are thrilled to receive presents from Santa Daddy and from all their love ones. They are really blessed to get almost everything on their wishlist including holidays to various places this year.  I too have got my Christmas stocking filled to the brim this year.


How was your Christmas celebrations?