SOC: Considering the Possibilities

As the year comes to an end in a months time and I have been doing a lot of reflection of what has been done this year. I’m glad to be able to witness all the milestones that Tiger girl has achieved so far.  The first year of a child’s life  has the greatest changes.  From a helpless infant to one that screams and exerts her own opinion while climbing up and down the sofa. There has been dramatic changes in both physical and mental capabilities.

It has been good to be there for the kids however it has been draining for our family finances as our income has been reduced now then I’m on NPL. I have been thinking if it would be possible for me to switch from a SAHM to a WAHM in the coming year.  It would be impossible to work outside the house and juggling the schedule of the 3 kids solo so I have to find something which I can do within the house and not take up the majority of my time.

The options are quite limited and frankly I’m not certain if I will be able to handle the extra workload while taking care of the house and family. There will be increasing demands on me as besides mothering duties to my 1yr old I’ll be stepping up academic activities with all the kids.

Doggie boy will be in Kindergarten 2 next year and I will have to make sure that he is adequately prepared for Primary 1 the next year. Monkey boy will be in Primary 2 and even though his results are not that bad he still has to be carefully guided in the more difficult components of composition and comprehension for both English and Mandarin.  Tiger girl on the other hand would be old enough and I’ll be starting music and movement/ arts & crafts besides language lessons with her which I did with her brothers when they were young.

The economy is also tanking and I’ve seen freelance writing gigs getting harder and harder to find. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been really actively looking for them and don’t want to sell my services cheap. Maybe I should brush up my other skills or re-start baby classes that I carried out when Doggy boy was 1yr old.. Decisions Decisions..

What do you recommend?