Top 10 Facts on Tiger Girl

寄件者 July-Aug 2011

Since I wrote a 10 facts list on Doggie Boy and Monkey Boy. This week’s focus is on my youngest, Tiger girl.

  1. She just sprouted her 1st tooth a few weeks ago. Now at 10 months old she has 1/2 a teeth emerged from her lower gums.
  2. Loves playing with balls and cubes and the remote control.
  3. Loves posing for the camera and can smile on cue.
  4. Can call “Mummy”, ‘Papa”, Mama”, ” Jie Jie”(sister) , ” Kor Kor” (Brother) and “Ball”. She also knows the directions – “up” and “down”.
  5. Loves eating and trying out new flavours.
  6. Loves playing with water. Her favourite time is bath time.
  7. Knows how to pull to stand and is very nifty with her little hands. (I’m still figuring out how she managed to unbuckle the seat belt of her highchair by herself and ended up standing up on the highchair instead of seating in it yesterday. Luckily she didn’t fall off and hurt herself as she remained in the highchair and called out for me to “rescue” her instead)
  8. Adores her elder brothers and can’t wait to be old enough so she can play with them.
  9. Is still on breast milk but is supplemented with 3 semi-solid meals.
  10. Is the only sibling with curly hair as the boys have straight hair.



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