If I had the Chance- Girls Night Out

Photo by Flickr

It really has been too long, way too long. I seriously think that the last time I had a girls night out was like more then 5 year ago. That was even before Doggie boy was born.

I remember back than my girlfriends and I made it a point to  meet up every couple of months for dinner and drinks. It was great fun even though we spent most of the time chatting about our kids.  At that time  most of us only had one kid compared to the 2 to 3 kids that each of us have now. It’s really impossible to get a common date to meet up now with many of us ( including me) unable to get someone to handle the kids (especially my super sticky Tiger girl) while I’m having a two or three hour dinner.

I guess that everyone just got more and more busy as the kids piled on. With more commitments and lesser time and energy to spare the meet ups are now on a rare occasion where one is celebrating her kid’s birthday or some festive occasion.

It would be nice to have another Girls Night Out and be “kid free” for a few hours…however it’s not really that high on my priority list now as I focus my energies more on the family.
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