Writer’s Workshop-To my Teenage Son

Dear Ryan,

as I pen down this letter to you I hope that you take to heart what I have written here. It has been hard job being your mother. You have been one of my biggest ongoing challenge. You are constantly up to your monkey tricks with your less than serious attitude. Sometimes I do hope that you can take more responsibility for your own actions and be less reliant on others to constantly remind you of what needs to be done and of all looming deadlines to meet.

Being a teenager does come with much more responsibilities and challenges which you did not face when you were still a pre-teen/elementary school student.  On one hand you want to be given the freedom to make your own choices and at the same time you are nervous to trek into the big unknown.

There are many things which you would like or have been thinking about experimenting with. I do hope that I have prepared you well enough for you to make well informed decisions which you will not regret later on in life.

Your life is at a turning point and whatever decisions or mistakes which you make now may affect the rest of your life and well into adulthood.

Do think twice before rushing into situations which maybe irreversible. Yes, I am talking about issues on sexuality and drugs.  As a teenager you may think it is hip to experiment with such things and that “everyone else is doing it”.  The actual truth is a big NO.

Even though I have talked to you about the possible problems and different circumstances you could face based on the choices you make the choice is still ultimately yours and yours alone.  I can only give you that much advice and hope that you make the right decisions which you can live with.

I have been and will always be there for you when you need me. Do remember that you can come to me or your dad in your moments of doubt. We are here to guide you and to help you gain the tools in life which you need to succeed.

Love you always,



(This letter was written based on the prompt – A letter to your future teen )

PS: This letter is to be read in 2017 when you reach Thirteen years old.

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