Setting a Chore List for Kids

Ryan will be entering primary school  soon and I have been  thinking of how to revamp and set him a more age appropriate chore list. Now that he is older he is capable of helping out more at home. I strongly feel that kids should be taught from young to help out with the household chores. This is to ensure that everyone is given their fair share of age -appropriate household chores so no one is being overstretched in the family.

Many household I know have domestic helpers to do the household chores. I feel that the children are not given the opportunity to learn if this occurs as many of them may start to develop an attitude that it is “expect” that others will pick up after them and they do not need to be responsible for their own actions within the house.  These little people will get too dependent on others and will be denied an opportunity to build up their own independence in the process.

I certainly do not wish to bring up spoilt brats who wouldn’t even lift their own fingers to pour themselves a glass or water or help to put away their own laundry. Therefore getting a domestic helper for our family is not an option which we will be considering.

Here is a list of chores which I have drawn up for Ryan.

Daily Chores Extra Chores
Ryan Place dirty laundry into the laundry basket Help Roy pack his school bag
Pick up toys and books Help to put away the groceries
Pack  the schoolbag Wash the dishes
Place the dishes and cups into the sink after meals. Vacuum your room
Put your clothes in the drawer Mop the floor
Complete your homework on time Help Roy with his homework
Fold up your blanket
Hang up the laundry after it has been washed

Ryan has been doing most of these since he was 3 or 4 years old and I intend to step up the pace with him come July.

I’ve decided not to peg completing his daily chores to his weekly allowance but give additional cash to him if he does carry out the extra chores listed in the chart above. This will act as an added incentive for him if he does do any listed on the “extras”.

Do you have a Chore list for your children at home?

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