Weekend Reflections- Playing Scrabble


Scrabble is one of the games which I recently introduced to my boys.  I find this a very educational game as it not only challenges them mentally it also helps to improve their spelling capabilities.

The boys are still rather young  at 3 and 6 yrs old and have quite limited vocabulary so we play this game slightly differently from how it is traditionally played.

The boys are allowed to draw as many letters as they need from the pot and then form words on their letter holder.

They need to use a minimum of 3 alphabets to form a word.

So far Roy has managed to come up with these words without prompting

– One

– Two


– Roy

– Ryan

– They

Ryan is able to spell many more words on his own as they have spelling in his school regularly. Some of the words he spelt out for me included- cake, eating, children, happy, birthday, mummy etc.

I find it is a good tool in getting toddlers like Roy interested in spelling and learn new words in a fun and interesting way.

Do you play scrabble with your kids?

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