Weekend Reflections- Playing Doctor


Last weekend  the boys received a Doctor’s set each from granny. They were thrilled and started testing out their new toys straight away.  They have asked for a doctor’s set as they were interested in all the different gadgets in the set.

The boys went with me to the gyane for a regular checkup to see the baby on the ultrasound machine. The boys were fascinated to hear the “lubdub” of the baby’s heart beating and also seeing  her outline on the projector.

Ryan could identify the various parts of the skeleton as he has been reading up on the human body system and we do have charts of the skeleton around in the house. He was surprised to see the baby moving and how tiny it looked on screen.

Roy on the other hand was more interested exploring the various parts of the doctor’s office on his own. Luckily there were nurses there to prevent him from getting up to any mischief with his wandering hands.

Time will only tell if the boys will be pursuing a career in the medical field but it is great that they are showing an interest in medical science.