Movie Review- The Book of Eli
THE BOOK OF ELI: Go Back InsideFunny bloopers are a click away

Last weekend  Hubby and I went to watch “The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman. The show was rather thought provoking for me. It got me thinking more about my relationship with GOD and how I would like to enrich my religious life.

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The holy bible is such a wonderful gift which many overlook. I personally haven’t been really reading through that thousand page book. So far I can only manage reading through the children’s bible with the kids periodically.

Many books and stories inside do have some good moral teachings and make us reflect on the way we wish to live our lives here on earth. However I do admit that it can be hard explaining certain concepts being potrayed in the bible to a six year old when I personally am not able to comprehend it fully.

Even though the movie is rather gory with lots of killings and people behaving immorally. It depicits how our world can degenerate if we do not have GOD within us.

The children do go to regular Sunday school but regular reinforcement of the teaching of GOD is necessary to bring them on a closer path with GOD.

Hubs and I have decided to take a passage out of the bible every forthnightly and focus on its teachings. If possible we will come up with activites for the kids to do based on the reading. This will give everyone a better understanding of the scriptures.

How do you go about reading the bible with your children?