The Mompreneur Diaries- A book review

The Mumpreneur Diaries by Mosey Jones is one book that I really enjoyed reading. I managed to finish reading the book in one sitting which was really rare for me.

It was really entertaining with actual accounts of a struggling mumpreneur in UK.

After stepping into the world of being  a mumpreneur ,Jones realised that it isn’t as rosy as many people hype it out to be.

Mosey Jones gives a detailed view into her first year as a mumpreneur in UK. She depicts her struggles and problems that she faced while being at home taking care of her two young kids.

Written as diary entries Jones lists downs her frustrations with the constant shortage of money and the instability of her husbands job. With her materinty pay running out she had to get profitable by the end of the year or get back into the rate race.

 Getting a business off from the drawing board while taking care of two babies wasn’t an easy task for her.  Jones talks about how she started out her MUM-for-Hire business and Doula business while being on maternity leave with her 2nd child.  It was simply exhausting and utter madness in the house as she struggled to be mum, wife and businesswomen. 

Even at the end of the book it stated that her business is far from profitable and she still struggles to make ends meet daily. However she wouldn’t want to change anything and get back to working full time for others.

My take on mumpreneurship

Reading the book makes me wonder how much fanfare  is painted by marketers about “how easy it is to work from home” and “earning $3K or more in a month online” from those who claim to have “made it” as a mumpreneur  with their  screenshots of bank or clickbank accounts. 

I personally believe that in showing your  genuine side and really going all out to show that you care for your  readers and clients would bring in good revenue.

Just look at the achievements of  Kelby Carr of Type-A-Mom and Denise Willms of WAHM-Articles, two mumpreneurs who I really admire.

I personally have set up my own membership site- Learning with Dominique, doing freelance writing and consultancy services in my spare time. Before returning to work full time this year I was conducting toddler classes on weekends.

Catering to the preschool market is the most profitable segment. I still get lots of enquiries for my classes andI do intend to persure this market. Some of my fellow mompruneur are easily earning $4K or more for just 10hrs of teaching a week.

A lot of hardwork and enegry is needed to build up one’s own business. I’m far from my earning targets from all my sidelines to  do more then replace my day job.


This book was purchased from a bookshop during a sale. It is not a paid review.  I have not be compensated by the publisher or author by writing this review