Creating a Positive Mindset- For the Mompreneur

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I have had a lot of my mind lately. It hasn’t been easy holding down a full time job, mummy duties, housework and being a mumpreneur.

It has been exhausting trying to juggle all. Sometimes I do feel like giving up being a mompreneur as it hasn’t been that easy. I went mentally drained for days as I had to often do business analysis, marketing and planning for the various ventures that I am in.  I often question myself – Is the time and effort I have put in for my businesses are worth it?  Should I give it up and just concentrate on the kids and my existing job?

With the current business climate it is depressing seeing how difficult it is for me to earn a secondary income. Revenue is not coming in as much and soon as projected.  It is very easy for negative thoughts of failure and poisonous thoughts of jealousy or envy of other mumpreneurs  successes to invade my mind.

Here are some tips on how I maintain a positive mindset.

  1. Focus on  Empowering Yourself.

    If you believe in yourself, you are halfway to success. Knowing  WHAT needs to be done is more important than HOW it is to be done.Ask yourself what you want for yourself.  How to overcome any stumbling blocks if any.Analyse the situation and take baby steps to solving the problem.

  2. Ignore the competition.

    Even though it is good to know how your competitors are doing you can put yourself under undue stress when you see them coming out with new products or having “success claims” .Constantly comparing yourself against others does not help one’s self esteem and it may derail you f
    from your business schedule.

    If you have a top notch product or stellar content the customers and revenue will come.

  3. Focus on one day at a time. It is definitely easier to go through the week thinking of what you will have to do today then looking at the mountain load of tasks you will have to complete by the end of the week or month.  Focus on what you can do today to achieve your goals. Think constructive thoughts and give yourself  bite size projects which you are certain to be able to handle irregardless of how the day turns out for you.
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