WW- Learning from Bob The Builder

Bob the Builder is one of the cartoons that the boys enjoy watching on TV. For those of you who have toddlers in your household I am sure that Bob and his friends maybe a common sight in your house.

I love the theme song and its positive affirmation – ” Can we do it- YES we can!!” It talks about being determine and seeing through what you have planned to do.

Very often our (and even us adults )give up even before trying as the task seems oh too difficult to be attempted.  However with the right mentality and attitude any obstacle can be overcome.

Sometimes when the boys face difficulties I will remind them that Bob the builder was able to do it and so they should be able to do the same.  It does work as a motivator for them as they would then make another attempt at the task at hand.

Are there any other cartoons/show which your teach positive affirmation to kids?

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