Tackling- Thomas the Train Engines and Friends

This  June holiday one of my main task is to declutter the house. The boys and I decided to start with the massive toy “mess” in the hall. One of the main issues I had is getting a suitable container to house his ever growing collection of Thomas the Train Engines.

I initially wanted to get him a Thomas the Train Travel Tote but it is too costly and would not fit all his Thomas trains as they were from a mixed collection. He has both the wooden Thomas trains and die cast versions which are of different sizes. The travel tote would only fit the die cast engines.

While shopping at a local $2 shop I chanced upon this lingerie drawer organiser which I found to be a good and cheap way for Ryan to organise his trains. The trains could be housed in their own compartment and I could stack the organisers up to reduce the space needed to store the trains. It does double up as a great looking display in our display cabinet.

Do you have any cost saving recommendations to solve toy storage problems?

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