Thomas is my favourite

Thomas the Tank Engine''.
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In the last post I was mentioning about Roy’s  loves- Fishes and buses. Here I will be talking about Ryan’s loves- Thomas and Friends Series.

Ryan has always loved trains since I can recall. I can’t remember which was his 1st piece of Thomas the train toy that he receive but I do know that they populate almost every corner of his room.
At last count he has 4-5  trains sets and about 20 over trains.
Here are some pictures  which show part of his collection

Beside these he also has these train sets below

Besides the above listed he also has Thomas the train water bottle, cutlery, clothes, bedding’s, bags, pillow, stationary and calendar.

* [ His Thomas the train pyjamas are getting small and could do with a new set for his 5th birthday next month]

If you have boys are your boys Thomas fans also?