Olympus µ TOUGH-8000 & µ TOUGH-6000

This is the 2nd post in the series on Introducing Photography to Kids on Camera Reviews. In the subsequent posts I will be mentioning various software and storage sites which can help in developing your child’s photography talents.

Doesn’t the camera look super cool?? This camera is not currently available in Singapore however it can be pre-ordered  on Amazon.

I am very interested in these two latest models as they  meet my requirement for a sturdy “tough” camera for Ryan.

Currently only the Olympus  Stylus 1050 is available in Singapore.

I have seen it at certain shops and it is priced around SG$400.

According to the specifications it is also shockproof to 5ft and also a very sturdy compact camera. I hope to be able to go down to the shops to purchase it for him within this 2 weeks before his birthday on 5th March. 🙂

What is your opinon of this camera?