Learning to read(Part 1 )- with RIF

Today while browsing books on e-learning I was brought to this site by Rif-Learning to Read.

It has very colourful graphics and it is just nice for my boys as it caters to Babies and Toddlers and Preschoolers.

In the Preschool section your child can listen to nursery rhymes, lullabies, play  games or even finger play.

Roy enjoys listening to the stories but could not sit still for the Nursery Rhymes or Lullabies.

For more advance readers and slightly older kids there is a seperate sections where there are books and other activities for the kid to play with.

Rif Reading Planet – a site filled with activities and  other interactive features for older kids aged 6 and above.

Do check out the site as an alternative way to reading with your child.

*Do note that some of the activities are in both English and Spanish and may not be that suitable for non Spanish speaking children.