Electronics Shopping

Shopping for electronic products at mega conventions are a hit for most guys that I know. Even my hubby couldn’t resist the lure of such an exhibition where by all the major electronic producers have their equipment all under one roof.

The MacBook Pro (15.4
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Having been to a few of such exhibitions I frown upon having to jostle with the massive crowd who are attracted to such an event. Everyone would be busy browsing the counters looking at the release of the latest desktops, laptops , cameras and other related gadgets. It is really nerve wreaking for me to negotiate through the human jams. I would rather do my shopping online in the comfort of my own home.

Superwarehouse is one site that offers a huge range of electronic items for sale. There are hundred of choices for you which range from apple laptop to IBM desktops. With the click of your mouse you can browse with ease and hassle free. The specifications of the PC that you are interested it will be shown on the page together with all the relevant specifications.

Clicking on the tabs underneath the picture will bring you to the information about the features, warranties, customer reviews and supplies that come along with the product. The best thing about this site is that it features products that are eco-friendly and green. By using environmentally and socially responsible product models, we are doing our part in helping to keep our planet green.

I have always desired an apple laptops for myself since I set eyes of their latest Apple Mac Pro Air book. It is a real asset for someone who is interested in pursuing graphic designing as all the best art software are on a Macbook. Most designers and photographers that I know off own a Macbook. I really hope that I can be able to own one this coming Christmas. *wink

Besides PC s superwarehouse also has digital cameras for sale. I am thinking of getting Ryan his own camera for his next birthday or maybe for next Christmas. He loves taking my camera phone and snapping everything and anything he sees while we are travelling in the car. Being 5 next year would mean that he should understand the importance of looking after and caring for his own belongings.

I am considering something from the range of the Fuji Digital Cameras for him. They have some very brightly coloured pocket cameras like this green one which I am sure he will like. The 5X optical zoom feature that it has which would let Ryan take clear close up shots of his favourite Thomas the train toys.

Darling santa you know what Ryan & I want for christmas now right? 🙂