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Feeding Ella
Image by bdjsb7 via Flickr

ooking for someone who can handle the following two toddlers during mealtime.

1) 21mth old Roy
Extremely picky eater. Will eat noodles but expects to be fed strand by strand.Only loves fruits.

Will try to dig his fingers into the bowl and feed himself and at the same time smear food all around.

Can’t remain seated in the high chair for long – the max 5 min irregardless of whether there are any distractions or not to occupy him. Don’t both belting him up as he knows how to unbuckle himself easily.

Loves to play hide and seek with you and is extremely hyper and full of tricks.

2) 4yrs 6mth old Ryan

Super picky and slow eater. Eating is a chore to him and he would keep food stuck in his mouth refusing to swallow it down even after numerous reminders and threats. Doesn’t like fruits and only takes limited vegetables n meats.

Suitable candidates must posses the following:

– Unlimited patience

– Extreme dexterity as you will be expected to hold firmly onto Roy with one hand and attempt to feed him with the other hand without spilling the food as he struggles to get away from your grip.

-Able to think up ingenious ways of feeding and complete feeding both boys within 1.5hrs.

Anyone up for the job?