Sneaky Monkey

This evening while preparing dinner Ryan came bouncing into the kitchen and requested for a bottle of Vitagen. Seeing that he asked nicely I took one from the fridge and gave it to him.

“Thank you mummy,” spoken like a Angel. ” You’re the best!!”

After drinking his bottle of Vitagen he wasn’t satisfied and eyed Roy’s unfinished bottle which was on the table.

” Mummy if Roy doesn’t want his bottle, can I have it?” asked Ryan.

” No. You had your one bottle and that’s all you are getting for today,” I told him.

Putting the vegetables to fry I turned away from him for a moment.

Can you guess what that Sneaky Monkey did. He silently drank up his brother’s bottle of Vitagen.

” What happened to the bottle of Vitagen? ” I questioned Ryan. ” Did you drink it?

” No” he replied looking innocent. ” Roy was thirsty so I gave it to him. He finished it himself.”

” Are you sure?” I questioned him again ” Roy drank up the whole bottle?

‘Yes!! That bottle was his and he drank it all up”

Real Liar… It was impossible for Roy to drink the bottle as it was put on the table which was too high for him to reach. Hmm.. now I must really find new methods to make him know the importance of not telling fibs.