wordless/wordful wednesday

Playing Dress Up at SAM

Last week while we were at the Singapore Art Museum  we checked out the exhibits at Mummy Dearest. It was fun reliving the memories I had playing with paper dolls and dressing them up. This dress up set up was different as the dolls and clothes were all on the walls.

Mummy Dearest section at the Singapore Art Museum
One of the dress up corners
The big cake in the middle of the room.
The other side of the room

When was the last time you
played dress up?

Taming the Snake

My Little Snake Charmer

A few weeks back while we were at Sentosa  Monkey boy took the chance to experience holding a live snake. There was a photo station where one can take photos with the snake. I’m unsure whether the snake was a python or of another species.  Monkey boy was really game to agree to pose with the snake as I didn’t think that he would be up to the challenge as the snake was rather big and certainly wasn’t that light to sling around his shoulders.  He even told me that it was fun and he knew that he wasn’t in any danger as the snake charmer was around to keep a close eye on his pet snake.

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