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Tackle it Tuesday- Blog Makeover


This week I embarked on a project which I had been stalling for a long time- Making over the blog Dominique’s Desk .

I’ve wanted to change the header and blog template from the default Twenty ten theme to a more suitable one. I forgot to take screenshots of the old template with the header before I did the switch-a-roo to the new header and template. However here are some shots of the how the header has evolved through the years.

In 2009 ( When I only had two kids)




In 2010 after Tiger girl was born I changed the header again.

Here is the latest header.

I ‘ve updated the photos and changed the tagline. I’ve dropped the “From” in the blog’s name as I think it’s unnecessary seems I’m so used to sign off as Dominique’s Desk when I drop comments on other sites.  I’m still think there needs to be some minor edits on the header in regards to the alignment of  the blog name.

I’ve also  made some edits to the stylesheet of the Commune theme to increase font size and change the link colours to make it more readable on the eyes.

Any suggestions  on making it better?

Tackling Rollerblading

The boys in their rollerblades

Last weekend Doggy boy wanted to join his elder brother in rollerblading. He hasn’t gone for any lessons yet as we are still searching for a suitable venue and class for him which doesn’t clash with our regular weekend activities.

He was initially very frightened when he first put on the roller blades. He was really wobbly and  grabbed my hands tightly as he was afraid to fall down. It took him somewhile to let go while R and I were teaching him the basics of how to walk with the rollerblades on the grass. Once he has grasps the basics of moving around with the skates  then we can teach him the proper way to fall and to brake.

I remember the first time I started learning inline skating a few years back. I was as edgy as he was and I think I was even more frighten then him of falling down. I still am not really that confident on going around on skates and am in two minds on whether to sell away my hardly used pair of skates or take it up again. I’m really afraid of falling and injuring myself as there won’t be anyone else to take care of the kids if I were injured.

I’m glad that Doggy boy is showing interest in rollerblading and in time to come he will be able to skate as well as his brother.

Sweet Shot Day  Tackle It Tuesday Meme

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