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Mamapedia: home page
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Moms Q & A Site

This week  ResourcefulMom had a site warming party for the new site Mamapedia This site features questions and answers from questions by Moms. It covers topics like  activities and lessons, family and parenting, beauty etc.

I’ve just joined the sister site –Momsource . It is another place where I can post any questions that I wish to get recommendations/ suggestions by other mothers.

Another Q & A site is MomsWorld. You can scroll through the lists of questions and give your suggested answers. You can also pose your question to the moderator of that site and get answers when it is being posted.


MommyCommunity is another place which I visited this week. There are weekly Tuesday Toots meme and articles on parenting.

Marie is giving away a FREE  E-book on the  Reality of Working Moms

Kelby’s Type-A-Mom site which features articles written by moms of various ages and stages.

You can sign up and start contributing articles to her site to get more exposure back to your own blog.

MomDotcom– a online Mom’s Magazine which is focused on various Mom issues. There are contests and giveaways held there regularly also.

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