TT-This week’s achievement

This week if you noticed I’ve a new header up for Valentines Day.

I added in pictures of the boys, hubs and me in the header as you can see over here.

Another thing which I had done is set up my 1st online store.

I had been tinkering with a few different  free shopping carts before I decided on using Prestashop. This shopping cart has been relatively easier to configure and saves me the hastle of building it from scratch. The one thing which it doesn’t have , unfortunately, is an affliate program which could help boost the sale of my Ebooks which Mals E-cart has. I may swtich over and use Mals E-cart if I can get the time to configure it and set it up on a seperate website during the school holidays. Meanwhile I be happy and use the Prestashop shopping cart system. Do mouse over there to check out the growing selection of books there.