Teaching Good Manners- Minding your P’s and Qs

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This is the 2nd installation of Teaching Good Manners

These are the two most important words which should be taught to every kid since young.  Many a time we expect our kids to behave but lack to realise that one of the reasons why they are behaving in such a way is that we haven’t model to them the proper behaviour.

Good Manners is Learned

When your child is young it is important to impress on them how and when to say “Please and Thank you”.  You are their best role model. They learn from emulating your behaviour.

” Give me!!! I want it” shouts Roy.

Roy say ” Can I have the sweet please mummy?” holding on to the sweet.

” Give me Give me!!” he screams louder and louder.

“No! You can’t have it until you ask properly and am not shouting” is my reply.

Roy starts throwing  a tantrum lying flat on the floor. I promptly ignore him and tell him  again    no screaming and to say ” Can I have the sweet please mummy?”

If he is still unwilling the sweet is placed out of his reach until he can compose himself and ask nicely. Shouting and demanding will not result in him getting what he wants.

It is a test of will power and whether the adult or the kid is able to hold out longer. If I give in to him at this stage Roy would assume that it is  okay to shout and demand for things and that I approve of such behaviour from him.

Normally after 10-15 minutes he would come to me and ask politely.

” Can I have the sweet PLEASE mummy”.

While handing over the sweet I will tell him

” Say Thank you mummy”.

After modeling this behaviour with him over a period of  three to four month it has become like second nature to him.

Bringing up a well mannered child takes time and effort. It is something worth investing in as it helps make your child a better person and shapes him into a more likable and respected individual.

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