Weekend Fun- A trip to Dinotopia

From Dominique’s Desk(c) 2009

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From Dominique’s Desk (c) 2009

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From Dominique’s Desk (c) 2009

Last weekend we took the boys to view the dinosaur exhibit at a local shopping mall. The boys were very excited to see the mechanical dinosaurs as Animal Mechanicals is one of their favourite show on Playhouse Disney. This is the 2nd time that they have  seen a dinosaur.  Last The  first time they saw a life size movable dinosaur  was last month outside the McDonalds outlet  at  the Singapore Science centre .

There were many parents and kids trying out the activities at the booths set up near the exhibit. The boys were unfortunate as they had reached the cap on the number of participants and would have to wait for a later time slot. We didn’t have time to wait around so we will probably return to view the exhibit and another shopping mall this comming weekend as the exhibit makes it’s way around the island.

If you are interested you could bring your kids down to the IMAX at the Singapore Science centre to view their show on Dinosaur Alive.

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