Book Review

Wear Clean Underwear- Alexis Martin Neely

Wear Clean Underwear by Alexis Martin Neely is a MUST BUY for parents.
I was privileged to be able to review this book before it was launched and must say that the contents really blew me away. It got me thinking of how fragile life is and the need for parents to set down clear instructions on how their kids welfare will be taken care of if *touchwood* they came to an untimely demise.

Alexis gives three case studies in her book. Each case study comes with an alternative ending based on whether the parent has/hasn’t taken the appropriate planning with it’s legal implications.

She mentions the need to plan for

  • Alternative Short term/Long Term caregivers for your children
  • Distribution of your estate/monies & personal belongings
  • Allowing members of your family to access your medical files in case of emergencies
  • having a log about what you intend to do for your children in the future.

After reading her book I realized that I haven’t really considered the points that Alexis had highlighted and how important it is for me to get it done soon.

To know more grab the book when it hits the stands in May.


No More Misbehavin’- Michele Borba

No More Misbehavin’- Michele Borba is the latest book that I have been reading. There are many anecdotes on how to arrest misbehaviour in your child.

The book focuses on behaviour modification and how to develop a behavioural checklist for your child. The author lays out step by step how to do deal with each difficult behaviour. The parts which were of most interest to me is identifying the underlying cause for the particular behaviour.

The author stresses the importance of:

  1. Finding out what causes the behaviour
  2. Addressing the wanting behaviour immediately
  3. For the parent to be diciplined in carrying out the change management for the behaviour
  4. For the child to understand why there is the need to change and how to change for the better.

There has been mixed reviews about this book on Amazon and I do agree that the techniques recommended per behaviour are based on modifications of 1 technique.

What technique you may want to know?

Step 1- Idenfity the behaviour/(s) that you want the child to change

Step 2- Draw out a plan with the child in writing on what will be done if he behaves that way- Ie throwing tantrums . Define theĀ  punishments & consequences that come along with the misbehaviour.

Step 3- Sending your child to time out/detention if he gets two strikes out.

Step 4- Getting your child to earn back his privilages.

I wouldn’t recommend buying the book to read as it does get a bit monotous going through each behaviour example.

I rate this book a 3 out of 5 for readibility and usefulness.