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Blog Mid Year Review

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Two weeks ago I posted a poll asking  my readers what they would like me to discuss here on this site.

The results which I got were

  1. Teaching  Junior Phonics .
  2. Behavioural Management of Kids.

Therefore, I will be touching both topics as requested 🙂 Stay Tuned

Another thing which I am considering is to change the theme of this blog. Yes . I am still thinking of which blog design is more suitable for the site. If you do have an recommendations do let me know in the comments below.

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Blog under renovation*updated*

I’ve just changed over the blog from hostpapa to lunarpages and am only able to get it back to normal after we return home from our vaction in HK.

Till then there may not be any new posting here.

In the meanwhile am figuring out how to:

  • import all my existing post from the archives.
  • Put back all the photos which have been previously uploaded with the posts
    [can’t do it as yet as i do not have the backup to the wp-uploaded file as yet]
  • put back all the plugins which i previously used.

Apologies to all who are trying to access my previous posts.