Random Thoughts Tuesday- Enchantment, Fascination and Amusement

Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions

Guy Kawasaki latest book hits the stand next march. I just received my review copy in the mail and can’t wait to start reading it.  In his book he explains step by step on how to change your attitude and mindset for your benefit. I’ll be posting up my review once I get done reading the book.

#2- Fascination
It is amazing how fast kids learn. The ability to grasps concepts and ideas  given to them and break it down to something which they can comprehend is really remarkable.

My 5 month old has learn how let us know how she wants and feels.  She is able to verbalise a few words- “Mum- mee” and “mummum”(f00d). When Ryan was her age he too was able to start to communicate with us.  It proves to me that it is never to early to start  educating your child.

#3- Amusement

I’m always amazed at how kids talk and associate stuff. During the weekend we were out with my cousin.  During the car ride in the Mini Cooper Ryan was mentioning that Singapore  may only have a mini forest  and not a big forest. There are mini animals in the mini forest and it was just apt that he (a mini adult) is taking a ride in a mini car.  Talking about everything in “Mini” size.


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