Feel Good Friday- Post Valentine’s Edition

Blue rose.

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February has been a good month so far. I love seeing the blue roses in full bloom on the dining table.

I was really touched that this year R made the effort to order blue roses for me this year.

The kids are settling well into their new routine  and there is not too much of a hassle getting them up each morning.

Roy is getting better at piano and really enjoys going for lessons. He has been learning for about 3 months now and can read the notes and play by himself.

He loves playing the tunes – Mary has a little lamb and Twinkle Twinkle little star.

Ryan on the other hand is practicing the songs for the upcoming music concert in March.  He will be playing Fur Elise and maybe a few other pieces. At present he is polishing up his Radestsky March and Wine, Women and Song.

It’s great to hear them tinkering on the piano after dinner. It’s nice having music in the house that doesn’t just come from the radio or television.

Both the boys are doing well in school. Ryan recently came back beaming as he got full marks on his Chinese Test. Roy on the other hand is able to do simple multiplication and loves playing counting games.

The personal wellness plan which I have just embarked is taking off. I’m doing more exercise around the house with the baby and watching what I eat.

I’ve managed to drop about 1kg and hope to meet my monthly target of shaving 2-3kg off per month.

This week has been good. How was yours?

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