Roy Learning Spelling

Spelling has always been something of a hassle for both kids and parents. Every week there is a list of words for spelling and dictation which the student has to memorize.

Some of my students simply loath learning their spelling. The feel that it is a torturous task and they do not see the long lasting benefits of increasing their vocabulary and understanding of English.

I have introduced spelling to Roy since he was 2yrs old. He has been having this fascination with learning how to spell.

Everytime he hears a new word he would ask me

“Mummy, how to spell (this word)?”

Roy will spell out the word after I have spelt it for him.

For example the word ” Cat”, I will deliberately spell it slowly C–A—T and get him to spell out the word after me. Next I will get Roy to tell me how a cat sounds and the relevant word in Chinese  -? ((Mao1).

Every time Roy sees a cat he would go ” C- A–T.. Cat… ?” .

The next thing on my list would be to get him to write the word “Cat” in Chinese. I  guess I will have to wait till he is 4 yrs old before starting him on writing Chinese.

Roy recently surprised me by showing me his drawing  of a  box with the words B-O-X clearly printed on the top.  He was proudly beaming from side to side  running around showing off his creation.

I’m glad that he is interested in learning and hope that his interest will be sustained all through his educational years.