Weekend Reflections- How to Train a Dragon



How to Train a Dragon- A Dreamworks Production.

We went to watch this movie this week at Cathay. I have been wanting to watch this movie since it came out a few weeks ago but we haven’t been able to get tickets for the show last week.

It has been quite a while since I last watched a animated movie. The last show I watched in cinema was “Up”.

This show was extremely entertaining and interesting. I really love the graphics and storyline about Hiccup the Viking and his journey into being changing the whole community’s outlook on Dragons from a creature which should be exterminated into one which they could like alongside as a pet.

The show talks about how Hiccup’s father hopes that he will be a very powerful Viking like he was instead of the “wimp” which he is currently. His father doesn’t see much potential in him and tried all means of keeping him protected instead of letting him grow up like a normal kid. He finds out that he was wrong in doubting his son’s ability when in the end Hiccup manages to save the village and kill the gigantic dragon which was terrorizing both the dragon clan and the vikings.

As a parent I strongly feel that we should not discount our children’s potential and abilities. If we do not support them who else can they turn to for support? Nothing is impossible if they put their heart to it.

What are your feelings about this movie?