Tackling Personal Goals

Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/aheram/409863531/

It’s nearly the end of January and I start to reflect on the goals that I have set for the year.

Certain projects which I have started at the start of the month are progressing fine while others may have to be temporarily suspended given the change in our current situation.

Even with the best of intention plans can get wayward due to fatigue and lack of time.  As it with the changing work and home environment I feel that it is important for me to review what I need to get done.

I had initially planned for more posts over here at Dominique’s Desk but  with so many events happening simultaneously at work it would not be possible to keep up with a 3 to 5 post a week. A more realistic  posting schedule maybe 2-3 post a week.

I definitely would like to post new articles if I do find the energy . With the start of  the 5R-2010 project my energy level has been dipping.  Hopefully it will be back to normal soon.