Weekend Reflections- Celebrating Christmas


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As the year grows to the a close I have been  looking back at the Christmases which I have celebrated and how celebrating christmas has changed over the year.

As a young child I couldn’t wait for Christmas to come around as it would mean getting presents from my parents and getting to taste yummy food. Nowadays kids are extremely privileged. They do not really have to wait for Christmas to receive presents  and get really lovely items for their birthdays or even doing well in school.

I personally feel that Christmas has been commercialised too much that some people “expect” to receive material goods as presents during this festive seasons. I, for one, do not see the importance in getting gifts for everyone. I believe more in the actual meaning of Christmas which is to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Buying presents is extremely strenuous on the pocket. Many a time what you have purchased for the intended recipient may go unappreciated if they deem it inappropriate and not what they fancy.

As we grow older we yearn for the company of our friends and relatives during this festive season. As we age it gets harder to make new friends and keep up with relationships. Celebrating these special occasions together gives one the opportunity to rekindle the friendships made years ago and reminiscence of the fun time we had together in the past. It also gives one the extra boost to schedule time next year to get together to have fun with each other.

This year  I managed to spend Christmas with the family and with friends. We also managed to have some couple time away from the kids to spend time bonding together. In all it has been a great Christmas for us.

How was Christmas for you in 2009?

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