Tick Tock- Being in Sync with yourself


The trusty metronome. A common object commonly found placed on the top of a piano.  The metronome on top of our piano has been there for more then 20 years.

For those who do not know it is used to keep the pianist in sync with the beat of the song. Ie Adagio, Presto etc.

I have been doing a lot of reading and thinking lately.
While  read through these two post below I had lots of thoughts flooding my mind.
1. Best Days of my Mom Life by BrandyEllen

2. What’s your trajactory? by Jonathan Fields

I have been feeling rather out of tune for the past few months and only recently have managed to get better aligned with my emotions and thoughts.

On a Personal Level

It has been a roller coaster of emotions for me this year. Relationships weren’t as smooth as I wish it would be. I had to constantly struggle with the thoughts of what is best for myself and the family and block out the negative influences from unsavory characters and other harmful elements.

2009 was a year which I spend a lot of time internalizing my thoughts. It had been an extremely busy  year being  preoccupied with the kids and work.

However during the year I have learned how essential it was to sit down and spend more time with the people who are important to me. If I don’t make time to build on existing friendships they could be easily lost and I certainly didn’t want that to happen.

On the Business Front

Business has  increasingly competitive this 2009. It hasn’t been my main focus as for me it is my secondary source of income and the needs of my family come first compared to all others. I have seen an increase in competitiveness among friends and competitors.

Competitiveness does has it good and bad side. In this past year I have seen many of my mommy friends set up their own business. Some of them were more successful then others. I have witnessed first hand how friendships can turn sour due to money and how ugly cat fights have erupted as they become bitter business rivals fighting for the already small pie of profits due to the current recession.

I personally stay away from all this kind of action online and offline as it really saps up energy following the heated debates and arguments. Time could be better spend on my own business expansion and home improvements.  I’ve spend almost a year monitoring the latest trends and studying how businesses grow and decline.

I’m still hesitant to take the leap from a stable full time job into the world of uncertainty with a start up business.  The changing  business climate and the growing demands of my family holds me back from going head on into my online ventures. After reading about WAHMs struggling just to pay the bills and their frequent burnouts due to exhaustions it paints a rather gloomy picture about the world of internet marketing.

Even though there are the few who claim to have “made it” and  profess that making money online is easy  I am very skeptical about their claims as many of these are easily falsified. There are too many scams and too much time needed just to succeed online.

Even genuine people who have been living off an online income took at least 5 to 10 years to establish their empire and are still working hard on a daily basis.

The stresses of irregular income and having to constantly watch my cash flow is not what I wish for.  To live comfortably and not have to worry about when the next paycheck is arriving is what I have achieved. It is not something that I would like to trade off with the current stable lifestyle that I’m leading.

Plans for 2010

Like the ticking of a metronome time doesn’t wait for anyone.  It is up to us, individuals, to make the best use of time. A lot of my time had been foolishly spent on chasing fads and doing too much multitasking to be really focused at the tasks at hand.

I will be taking things even slower and try not to be caught up in the rush and stresses of  work and home. Taking it one step at a time.

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