TT- Surving Scorching Macau

Photo by Flickr

The weather has been torturous since we landed in Hong Kong.  Even though it is also hot in Singapore the heat is not as contained.  The numerous tall buildings and lack of greenery has caused hot air to be trapped within the city during the day making it extremely unbearable.

The past few days R and I went on a  free and easy short trip to Macau

We got maps of the place and planned out own itinerary as we wanted to take in the sites that we fancied and not be herded around like sheep on a tour.

It was relatively easy to move around by ourselves as we had no problem communicating with the locals.

It was the first trip for me to Macau and R  hasn’t been there for more then 10 years.

It was really romantic going through the olden areas in Macau , walking down the narrow lanes . It was really great admiring the portuguese architecture and taking in the rich culture that Macau has to offer.

There were numerous casinos which we visited but being a non-gambler I was more fascinated with the opulence decor of the interiors then the numerous games offered at the gaming tables.

One of the highlights of our trip was watching The Bubble over at  the City of Dreams. It was a really entertaining  30 min 4D show.

Have you been anywhere on holiday lately?