Weekend Reflections- Sticking to my To-Do-List


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This the 1st week I am posting to this new meme of mine- Weekend Reflections.

This week I am reflecting on  perseverance and trying to stick to my To-Do-List.

At Work

I have managed to complete  80% of the marking that I have this week.

My class is on schedule or slightly fast in the learning of the curriculum and that has freed up time to do more creative and out-of the box activities with them. I am aiming for more integrate learning experience which is not so textbook oriented. This week we had  time to make paper dolls in class during our art lesson as a starter activity to the unit on Clothes we Wear which I am currently teaching for English. The kids were thrilled , including the boys, as they could make costumes for the paper dolls based on their favourite cartoon character Naruto, Ben Ten etc.

At Home

I managed to get the  laundry on alternative days at home and the clothes pile on the sofa is nearly non-existent this week.  Hooray!!  Since our home makeover it has been easier to keep the place neat and tidy and I am simply loving it.

With the Kids

The boys have just started their  twice nightly Japanese lessons with me.  After sourcing around I managed to buy some  Japanese flashcards for them. I initially wanted to make some for them but haven’t had the time and energy to work on them. They are loving this new language and look forward to getting to the end of the 100 words.

How has your week been?

If you want to know more about how this meme started read here

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