Educating Your Child

This month’s focus will be on Educating Junior and how we, as parents, can provide a holistic learning environment

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When one talks about educating your child the first thing that comes to mind are academics. Tests, assessments and marks are important in establishing a child’s  learning ability academically.

However having a great IQ alone is not enough for one to survive and do well in today’s world. EQ plays and equally important or even high emphasis then IQ  to doing well in our society.

I’m sure that you would have heard about the IQ vs EQ debate that happened in the past few years and that how just being intelligent is not enough.  You need to be an all rounded and a team player in order to advance in life.

To have a strong EQ one would need to possess the following qualities.

  • Self Control: Are able to manage disruptive emotions and impulses effectively
  • Trustworthiness: Display honesty and integrity
  • Conscientiousness: Dependable and responsible in fulfilling obligations
  • Adaptability: Flexible in handling change and challenges
  • Innovation: Open to novel ideas, approaches, and new information.

To have the knowledge without having the HR skills can lead to snafus in relationships and hamper career development and growth in the future.

In the next few posts I would be addressing how as a parent we can help to build up our child’s IQ and EQ.

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